Forest Road Hike

2020 Hike # ; 191

Hike Distance: 8.3 miles

Elevation Gain: 834 feet

Yearly Hike Distance: 1452.4 miles

Yearly Elevation Gain: 215,433 feet

Despite the fairly nice forecast it threatened to rain during the drive out to this hike. We didn’t have all our rain gear so I was a bit concerned about not being entirely prepared. It turns out that no rain fell during our entire hike, and that was a good thing.

Not too much to say about this hike, as it was very similar to most of our forest road hikes. The only unusual happening was bumping into a person from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, that was surveying a creek for Coho Salmon. Given that this creek had the flow rate of a bathtub, and was practically empty, this was curious to us. When we first came upon him he thought we were hunters (we have bright orange vests and backpack covers) and we thought he was a hunter. Of course, neither of us were, but he appeared to camouflaged for hunting season!

The only other things of interest, along this walk, were a couple of large ant hills and huge piles of horse poop. haha We can’t speak to the anthills, but there are horses in this area and they seem to like communal outhouses. Yikes.

A nice day for a hike. 🙂

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