Forest Road Hike, Again!

2020 Hike # ; 232

Hike Distance: 8.1 miles

Elevation Gain: 632 feet

Yearly Hike Distance: 1775.0 miles

Yearly Elevation Gain: 260,270 feet

It was a cold and foggy beginning to the hike. We always dress so that we will warm up as we hike, and we also expected the sun to come out later in the day, and it did.

As with most of our forest road hikes, we have been here before, and are just exploring new areas. We were stopped from going down a couple roads as trees had fallen across them. We would need some serious tools to get past some of these barriers, and we sometimes bring a saw or larger loppers when so inclined. We have been clearing branches and brush, from our hikes, for many years, so this isn’t out of the question. No people or vehicles on the roads, so we again had plenty of solitude. šŸ™‚

The main focus of our hikes, this late in the year, is to finish up with as many miles as possible. I know this doesn’t sound fun, but we don’t actually walk fast for long hours. It just means that I try to look at how many days are left in the year, and then figure out what mileage is possible, given that we hike very often. I’m anticipating that we can exceed 1900 miles for the total mileage, assuming that no issues arise, and they usually do happen. Well, we’ll see what happens?

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