First snow during Forest Road Hike!

2020 Hike # ;238

Hike Distance: 4.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 384 feet

Yearly Hike Distance: 1817.5 miles

Yearly Elevation Gain: 266,064 feet

This is my second hike after slipping on a branch, and spraining the top of my right foot. I saw the Orthopedist two days ago and an X-ray showed no fractures. The doctor also thought that I probably slightly stretched the tendons and muscles in the foot, and a recovery shouldn’t be a problem. His advice was to go on shorter hikes, less often and on relatively level roads.

Yesterday, I went on the first hike, and it didn’t go too badly. Todays hike was a bit different, and the top of my foot hurt at the end of the hike. 😦 I had taken five days off, and my foot felt okay, but evidently that wasn’t enough? This is obviously going to be a longer recovery than expected. 😦 My goal of reaching 1900 miles, by the end of the year, is probably a pipe dream at this point.

Today’s hike was wonderful in a special way as it snowed! πŸ™‚ We were only at about 1350 feet of elevation, but large flakes were coming down, and the snow started to stick to the ground. My wife said it felt like we were in a snow globe. Ha-ha As you’d expect, it was a bit cold, and we really needed more layers for warmth, but being a short hike it wasn’t an issue. I’ve attached a short video of our first snow fall for this year, and hope you enjoy!

We also visited a waterfall that is along this section of forest road, and it was raging from all the rainfall. A mesmerizing and beautiful sight to see. πŸ™‚

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