Last hike of 2020 on forest Road with yearly stats summary

The hiking season for 2020 has finally ended, and I can’t say I’ll miss this clusterfuck of a year. The Covid19 Pandemic, Extended Fire Season Political nightmare and health issues has left us emotional wrecks. I personally can’t think of a worse year for the world, or country, in my 63 year life! 😦 I would like to think that 2021 will be an improvement, but we don’t think the pain and suffering will see a reduction until the latter half (or later) of the year.

All these terrible circumstances has literally caused us to fear just about everything we took for granted! Quite honestly, getting closer than about 50 feet, from any people, causes me great worry. I’m terrified of getting (and possibly dying or being permanently crippled) this virus. We haven’t been to a store, or been close to our family, in over nine months. The only things that have gotten us out of the house are taking care of health issues and hiking.

Honestly, hiking has saved our lives, both emotionally and physically. We chose to abandon hiking on any normal or popular trails (except for a couple occasions in bad weather, that scared away most people) in order to avoid people. Forest Roads, on both public and private lands, has kept us away from most people. We typically see maybe 1-2 people, walking on a road, about every 20-30 hikes. We probably see a couple vehicles during every hike, but there is rarely conversation since they don’t typically stop. On very rare occasions there are bikes or motorcycles, but they’ve never stopped to talk. We put on masks whenever we think there could be an encounter with anyone, just to be careful. Being outdoors is inherently lower risk, but we don’t take chances!

As a result of having very little else to do, we’ve actually been able to go hiking more often, and for longer distances. I’ve included the summary of both this year, and since I started on this 25,000 mile goal, and it’s shown below. Amazingly, this was our 3rd best mileage year since we started this mission! 🙂 I’m both stunned and amazed that it worked out so well. Part of why I’m stunned is that we spent almost two weeks indoors, away from the toxic smoke filled air. My wife had knee surgery, at the beginning of the year, and took almost a month off of hiking. Lastly, I had foot and shoulder issues, and was fortunate to deal with them such that they only mildly affected our hiking.


We went on 251 hikes.
Our yearly mileage = 1917.1 miles.
Our yearly elevation gain = 275,482 feet.
Average mileage/hike = 7.64 miles
Average elevation gain/hike = 1,097 feet


We’ve gone on 2299 total hikes
Our total mileage = 17,216.5 miles.
Percentage of Mileage Goal Completed = 69%.
Our total elevation gain = 2,553,900 feet.

We have been hiking, for the past several weeks, in the same area, as it’s fairly level and easier than many places. We’re hiking in this area since my foot is taking a long time to heal, due to my slipping on a stick a while back. My Orthopedist wasn’t concerned about my foot getting better but advised me to go on level terrain, and take it easy, so we did.

This hike was 7.7 miles with 776 feet of elevation gain. The weather was cloudy and it was a bit cool (low 40’s) and was a pleasure for hiking.

I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year’s, and a safe journey through these tough times! Hopefully, we’ll see and hear from you when things improve, and we can resume some semblance of normalcy? Hang in there, stay healthy and safe. Hopefully, you can find the time to get outdoors and enjoy some of nature, as it’s very healing. Mileage Mike