Forest Road Hike

2021 Hike # ; 16

Hike Distance: 8.7 miles

Elevation Gain: 893 feet

Yearly Hike Distance: 130.0 miles

Yearly Elevation Gain: 15,121 feet

Well, I feel like I’m dropping the ball for writing up our hiking experiences and providing original content in this blog. This pandemic has severally restricted the places we are willing to go for hikes. Our hikes are so similar that you could summarize them as simply walking roads that have minimal variety. We seldom see people, but when we do it’s not the best experience. I’m so frightened of meeting other people that we don’t spend much time talking and give the impression we’re not interested. We are courteous and kind but just not interested in breathing the same air, at least until we get vaccinated and there is herd immunity. Of course, it’s still very nice to get out and get some fresh air, but it’s always in the back of our minds that things aren’t really safe in the real world. 😦

Today’s hike was much like our other forest road hike, except we had another run in with some wild horses. I didn’t see them until my wife mentioned they were there. Once I looked up it was obvious these two horses were not happy with us. They snorted and came around in front of us in an aggressive upright position. I really wasn’t sure if they would stop, and was a bit concerned. Thankfully, our defusing the situation came quickly, as we turned around and walked away. I did turn to get a quick photo, which I include below.

The other thing I’m now doing is to carry my Olympus camera with me on the hikes. My smartphone takes great photos, but they’re just not as pleasing and detailed as the Olympus. It just means I have to carry another two pounds of gear with me, which can be a pain when my body is having issues.

The one thing my Olympus camera is good for is image stabilization, and I can hold it for 1+ seconds without getting photo blur! In fact, I can get nice silky water flowing effects without any blur, which is fantastic. I’ve also included a photo of a small stream that contains this effect.

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