Forest Road Hike

2021 Hike # ; 31

Hike Distance: 8.5 miles

Elevation Gain: 1137 feet

Yearly Hike Distance: 246.0 miles

Yearly Elevation Gain: 28610 feet

As I sit here writing this trip report I’m wondering when we’ll be able to go on our next hike. The temperatures where we live have finally gone above freezing but there is about 14-16 inches of snow that need to melt! It’s very infrequent for this much snow to fall in one storm where we live, in the Pacific Northwest, but alas it has happened. 😦

This was our last hike before the storm, and it was a beautiful day. This was another typical road, that we’ve hiked before, but it still offered much beauty and plenty of fresh cool air. 🙂 We only had one expansive view, for which I included a photo. We also took notice of all the wind damage that has occurred so far this winter. Nothing was impassable and was easily stepped over or avoided.

While I’m still enjoying walking these forest roads, there appears to be some hope of going back to some normal trails this summer, or later? We’ll have to see how the speed of Covid19 vaccination continues, but I’m hopeful of things improving this Summer or perhaps Fall? My wife and I both agree that we require a vaccine in order to feel safe around other people, especially at our age and with our medical issues. We’ll see what happens?