Last Mileage Mike Blog Entry

Hello Everyone,

It’s with great sadness, and after much thought, that I’ve decided to end this blog. When I first started this blog I had high hopes for sharing my life journey with people that also have a love for hiking. It was my vision to not only provide information about each of my hikes, but to also have some discussions with fellow hikers.

From the beginning, I found it laborious to generate a trip report and provide some photos for every single hike. It was a time consuming process, and was difficult to keep up with all our hikes. The difficulty is that my wife and I go on a large number of hikes, and I just don’t have the time to sink into such a large number of trip reports.

I don’t know if it’s my style of writing, or some other factor, but interest in my trip reports rarely generated feedback or much discussion. In addition, the pandemic complicated just about everything in everyone’s life. At this point, I’m just not motivated enough to continue providing content for this blog, and don’t receive enough feedback to make this huge effort worth my while.

This blog has been in existence for about four years, and I currently have 48 people following it. I thank you all for finding enough interest in my journey to sign up for this blog. I’m sad to end this blog, but I’m also a nervous wreck each day that I don’t post any content. I take full responsibility for not succeeding, and need to move on to other things that make me feel happy.

That said, I believe the type of blog that is more in line with my needs is to utilize Facebook. The Facebook platform is much, much easier for entering info and uploading photos. I’m also much more likely to create spontaneous content in a timely fashion.

I’m so convinced that this is a better platform, for my goal, that I’ve created a new Facebook public group called “Mileage Mike Hiking Journey”.

I invite you all to stop on by my new Facebook page if you’re still interested in my lifetime hiking journey! You can choose to join, or just drop by if you’re interested in the stats, which will be posted on the page photo.

For those that are following me, from the PCT, I’d be glad to post the photos to this Facebook page. Just drop me a message along with the date, and your trail name. 🙂

By the way, this blog is paid through the middle of January, but will then disappear due to lack of payment. Again, I thank you all for following me, and wish you safe journeys! Take care. Mileage Mike

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