Hike at Moulton Falls Trail with Loop

Hike Distance: 8.6 miles

Elevation Gain: 1541 feet

As is always the case on Friday, the traffic in the Portland area is a deterrent to hiking in Oregon.  The Moulton Falls Trail is a rails-to-trails hike along the Lewis River, in Clark County Washington.  The trail begins at Hantwick Road parking area and ends at the Moulton Falls parking area.

I chose to spice up the hike by adding a forest road and the Bells Mt. Trail to make this into a loop.  The forest road is just south of Hantwick road and is barricaded.  Carol and I love hiking the blocked forest roads as there are rarely people on them, and such was the case today!  I was fortunate to see three deer during the road walk, but was only able to get a distant picture of one before scaring it away.  Snow capped Mt. St. Helens was a beautiful site and one point on the road, and I stopped to admire the view, and take a picture.

The hike along the Bells Mt. Trail was nice as it was also devoid of people, except when I was close to the Moulton Falls Trail.  More hikers were seen on the Moulton Falls Trail, but they were far and few between.  The Moulton Falls Trail had spectacular views of the Lewis River, and I stopped to take pictures often.  I went far enough on the trail to take pictures of the high bridge that crossed the Lewis River.

Definitely a spectacular day with cool temps and plenty of sun when not under the forest canopy.

Hike at Mt. Talbert Natural Area

This is my first blog post, ever!  Please bear with me as I learn how to manage this blog.  I will be back filling this website to include all my previous hikes, but it will take some time due to the enormous number of hikes spanning nine years!

Hike Distance: 6.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 1830 feet

Today I was looking for a close-in short hike to get out and get some fresh air, and the Mt. Talbert Natural Area fit the bill.  It was a cool cloudy day and the trail was in fairly good condition.  A few muddy spots were easily circumvented.  I also spent some time clearing fallen bushes and trees that were a result of the storm last week.  It was a great day to be on the trail!

Hiking the circumference of the earth (25,000 miles)!